Have you seen a zombie? Have you encountered one face to face? If not, then it is alright because most people haven’t seen one either. If you will notice, zombies are commonly or repeatedly incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games because of two reasons. First is because of their undeniable appearance and traits that make us feel scared, excited and other emotions that can be associated with them. Second is because of the mystery that surrounds them which make us get more curious about their true existence.

If you are wanting to find a medium that will make you entertained, then you might try the topic that this very article presents. This is about a game series called Earn to Die. This has been serving great entertainment for the past years and still excites people even up to this day. There are a variety of editions that are included in this series. The main goal is to collect money and scores by crashing down zombies using different vehicles available in this game. Check it out now and have a blast!


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