Solve more mysteries and find the whereabouts of the lost specialists in Covert Front 2. Now you are also on the search for the missing agents who attempted to look for the great minds. Look for evidences that are scattered or hidden in the German’s territory. Prepare for the ultimate brain workout that you will experience. Success in your mission means one step closer on unveiling the truth. Play as a field agent, go under the sewers and investigate an abandoned German laboratory.

Covert Front 2 (4)

There are objects that you must pick up for evidence and there are things that you need to open up doors and vaults. Memory is one of your greatest weapons here, as you need to recall things that you already passed by. After collecting all evidences you will meet up with an unknown guy and pass him all the information that you gathered. The game will end with a “to be continued message” which will leave you hanging. This game is a series and there are lot of installments to follow. So be sure to finish them all.

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