Earn to Die 2 – Exodus is the newest version of the game. This game was very popular in 2017 it also has a mobile version. This game is marked as 13+, which means that it is not recommended to children under 13 years because of its bloody and violent scenes.  Earn to Die is the sequel to the original Earn to Die developed by Toffee Games and Not Doppler. This game is marked as 13+, which means that it is not recommended to children under 13 years because of its bloody and violent scenes.

Earn to Die has an interesting plot – a man suddenly realizes that the city is full of zombies. If he stays at home, he will be killed, that’s why he makes an effort to run from this city using his old but rather useful car. The situation is very hard. In fact the whole planet is collapsed after the zombie army’s attack and every big city is in ruins. There are zombies in every corner and the players will have to go through roads, bridges, tunnels in order to defend the city and win the game level.

This game is more challenging than the first as more and more big and strong zombies appear, they block the players’ way and slow them down. You are flying to the safe zone, but your helicopter has run out of fuel and you have to continue your crazy journey in another vehicle, that can be found in the desert dash. You have 3 vehicles to choose from : the muscle car, the armored humvee, and the school bus.

The most attractive side of this game is the ability to upgrade your car and weapons in order to kill more and more zombies. Like the first game you start with a car, the weakest of the 3, and this time it’s the muscle car. The power of this car is as strong as the power of the pickup, the second car in the previous series. You should just keep moving and running over zombies and obstacles.

earn to die

As always, controls for all cars are the same in the game regardless of what car you’re using. Up key moves the car forward. Down key moves it back. Left key tilts it up and right key tilts it down. X key increases the speed but only when you get the speed boost upgrade.

In the second version game also the storyline takes place near the Oregon military base, which is surrounded by everything bad and awful, like zombies, hot deadly sand, explosive barrels and other hostile things, but you must get in the base and fly away by helicopter to find a safe place. To do that, you have a garage, full of most amazing and beautiful muscle cars. Some of them are new and have cool updates, like new tires and boosts.

There are also guns and fastest engines in the garage but you need to deserve them by killing as many zombies as possible. The goal is to kill as many zombies as possible. You can earn some money buykilling zombies, every time you make a try to escape the town, you are given some money according to the distance and number of zombies killed You should spend the money wisely and upgrade your vehicle: buy new engine for the car, new transmission, new weapons, so as to make it easier to defeat the zombies.


New to the game is the addition of checkpoints in the desert. These checkpoints divide the game into different levels that you have to travel through and beat. This makes the game much longer than the first Earn to die game. It is a very exciting game which makes the players play for hours in order to take back the world from awful zombies.

You can install this free PC program on Windows XP/7/8 32-bit.

Earn to Die is a simple and entertaining arcade game where you may upgrade your car, equip it with weapons and drive your way through hordes of zombies in order to reach your destination while staying alive. Playing it is very simple – just use the arrow keys to drive, and X or Ctrl to use the “boost”.

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