It is so great to experience a flash game series that has an evolution in terms of story, gameplay and features. An example is the one called Gun Mayhem. This is created by Kevin Gu and Arvin Eksiri and is now on the fourth edition in Gun Mayhem 4. There are three zones that you can enjoy and finish at


If you are an avid follower or not, it is so nice to experience this evolving series. One great advantage that this particular series has is the fact that it is a shooting game. aas most of us know, shooting games have been very popular and widely appreciated by gamers around the world because of the action they bring. In this fourth installment, the player has to deal with different opponents. But before that, he or she must choose the mode of the game as well as the number of opponents. You will have to deal with opponents by eliminating them using different weapons such as guns, rifles and dynamites.

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