Do you like challenging games? Do you enjoy scary games? Try the game Scary Find the Difference. It is one of the many Scary Maze Game versions. See if you can find the differences as fast as possible.

The game Scary Find the Difference, like other Scary Maze Games, tests your hand and eye coordination. Your full concentration in finding the difference is also required. It will also test how fast you can find the differences. The pictures look exactly the same at first. But there are three differences you must find fast for there is time pressure. At the bottom of the first picture, you will see the timer bar emptying fast. So try your best to find the differences before time runs out. Or else, you will see the surprise of your life.


Scary Find the Difference is among the free spot the difference games. Finding the differences may be a bit hard though. Aside from the fact that the pictures look exactly the same, they are also a little small in size making it harder to spot the difference. But if you are up for some challenges, this game is for you. And best of all, it is free. No amount of cash or credit card or bank account information is needed. You also need not login to or create any account or join any clubs just to be able to play the game.

And like other Scary Maze games, Scary Find the Difference is best played when the all sources of light is shut off and the volume of your sounds is set to maximum. In that case, you will feel the ambiance of thrill. And as other scary maze games, it is also not advisable for people with weak hearts or those with heart conditions.

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