Run up to the walls and jump across building gaps like a ninja. And do it in the fanciest way possible. In Fancy Pants 3, you will help a kingdom that is being sieged and pillaged by pirates. After he helps and defeats their boss, his underlings will kidnap Mr. Fancy Pants younger sister and you will guide him the way to his sister.


Playing as Mr. Fancy Pants will not be as easy though. His moves are very complex and hard to master. You use the arrow key for basic movement, and S for jumping up and leaping through obstacles. And A will be used for the his epic weapon, the pencil. You will have to deal with spiders, crabs and pirates as you go on. Your house servers as the main menu of the game, you can go back to training and go to your bed, which will let you recover your health points. There is no save point in Fancy Pants 3, however, you can get back on all areas you have visited before, inside a door in your house. There are no clear instructions on the game, but there are some writings that suddenly appear on the wall as your run. Remember the path that you have took when going in a room, because if you forget it, you are most likely to get lost and you will start off again in the beginning of that area. After you get your sword, the game becomes it a bit dull, you can hack and slash anything in front of you and the captain of the pirates seems very easy to defeat. The only thing that will get you busy after finishing the story quest will be collecting coins, stars, and keys.

Fancy Pants 3 is a great 2d running game that you should try if you want to roam or just free run somewhere. There is no pressure on time or score, as it is not being recorded or listed. If you want to unwind or take a break from your typical games, then you must try this at

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