Are you fond of playing skill games? Are you challenged by adventure games? Then you must try playing the game Vex. See for yourself if you can get pass through every stage. Mind how long it took you and challenge yourself to break your own record.

In playing the game Vex, you play as the stick figure. Run, jump, swim, slide and even make some acrobatic acts. There are two modes to play the game: the pre-developed game and the Stage Builder mode. In the pre-developed game, your goal is to get to the end and reach the exit door of every Act. Levels are known as Acts in this game. Be it known though that finding the exit door would not be as easy as it might seem. Tons of obstacles are on your way. They are not just obstacles; they are in fact deadly obstacles. So it is a must that you have to be cautioned and be very careful as rush towards the end of the Act.

In the pre-developed game, you also start off with the Tutorial stage. It is the introduction of the game. It is where your hand gets to familiarize with the controls used in playing. You will be taught some techniques on how to do some acts and even how to go on. In this stage, you are also introduced to the game flow.


In the second mode, the Stage Builder, you get the chance of building your very own Act. It is your chance to show how creative and imaginative you are. You can build a stage with less deadly obstacles or build a hard one where it is almost impossible to get through. You can play it yourself and you can also share the code to your friends and challenge them. You can also send it to the game developers so your artwork could be included in the Vex community. The Vex community is the compilation of stages created by the players. However, you need to play the pre-developed game first to unlock builder packs. Your tools are very much limited without playing the pre-developed game and would be very impossible to build a decent one.

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