Are you familiar with a compilation of games? If not, then you can rely with the information that this article is presenting to you. A compilation of games is a set where varied games are included to offer long and worthy entertainment to gamers around the world. There are two advantages that one can get by engaging with a compilation. First is the chance to choose whatever he or she wants to play. Second is because of the fact that it makes the gaming longer and exciting. One good example is Earn to Die Games.


This is a compilation of games related to zombies and cars which most people will surely love. Your goal as the player is to drive different cars as well as use different weapons to defeat or eliminate zombies and find or reach a safe haven. There are numerous games that you can find in this compilation such as Earn to Die 2011, Earn to Die 2012, Earn to Die 2013, Earn to Die 2014 and Earn to Die 2015. Each game is interesting and progressive.

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